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Did you know...
  • A Greek could be thrown out of his or her city state. Citizens could vote to banish someone bad or unpopular.
  • Greek soldiers had to buy their own armor. Only the richest soldiers could afford to buy the right kit!
  • At parties, the Greeks threw away their wine. They liked a game in wich you had to flick the dregs from the bottom of your wine cup.
  • Greek fathers preferred sons to daughters.
  • Some Greek plays went on all day long. People took cushions and blankets so they would be comfy and cosy.
  • People offered up statues of their feet to a god. People took model feet or other body parts to theshrine of Aesclepius. They hoped he would heal them.
  • Only men took part in the Olympic games.But women had their own games.They were held in honour of Hera, queen of the gods.