Croatia Report - Food
Mlinci - Purica s mlincima (Croatian thin bread, best served with turkey)
Mix about 3/4 pound (40 dag) flour, two eggs and a bit of water to make a harder dough. Roll into flat pieces about a squre foot in size. Put into oven which is not too hot, and bake until golden on both sides (abot five minutes each side). When done it should be crispy thin. Take out of the oven. You can use them immediately (see below) or keep for later. If mlinci are not salted they kcan be kept around for weeks.

To serve with turkey, break Mlinci into tortilla chip size bits, put in a bowl. Pour hot water over mlinci, leave for a few minutes, and then drain water. Use drippings left over from from turkey roasting (or sour cream) to pour over mlinci. Serve with turkey as a side dish.